Are you interested in volunteering for a research study? We are recruiting adults ages 18-100 for a number of brain imaging studies, with opportunities to participate at several UC campuses. Learn more about eligibility requirements below or contact us to speak with a study coordinator. Advancing women's health research is made possible by the generous support of our volunteers. 

Brain Imaging Center

The WBHI Brain Imaging Database

The WBHI pools brain imaging data and standardized health metrics collected across University of California campuses, including UC Santa Barbara, UC Berkeley, and UC Irvine (with UCSF and UC Davis to follow). If you complete an MRI study at any of these sites, you may be eligible to participate in the WBHI "add on" study. 



two women smiling

The Longitudinal Menopause Project

Half of the world's population will experience the transition to menopause, yet neuroscientists have limited knowledge of how the brain changes during this transitional period and the years that follow. The Longitudinal Menopause Project recruits women ages 45-65 for a prospective study of this dynamic period of life.




Pregnant woman smiling

The Maternal Brain Project

Pregnancy is a period of profound hormonal and physiological change. Using precision imaging methods, we are mapping the maternal brain starting pre-conception through one year postpartum. If you are planning to start a family you may be eligible to participate. Enrollment is ongoing at UC Santa Barbara and UC Irvine.




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